PortNYNJ – The Largest Port on the East Coast

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The largest port (approx 3000 acres) on the east coast serving 136 million people. They usually own or long-term lease their space.
– 95% of consumer goods come in on ships – 84% cargo leaves by truck
– 16% leaves by rail
– 100 billion industry
– 500,000 peripheral jobs
– 200,000 direct jobs

Largest export:
scrap metal (mostly to Asia /Turkey where reconstituted)
2nd largest export:
Scrap paper from recycling(most toilet paper from overseas – from recycled paper)
5 Fun facts:
– The Bayonne Bridge is owned by the port authority of New York and New Jersey
– There are no female crane operators in the ports New York New York and New Jersey
– We do have ships with liquid fuel but LNG (liquefied natural gas) is banned our ports


– 40’ container holds 20,000 pairs nikes or 40,000 bundles of bananas – To accommodate larger ships, the Bayonne Bridge was raised 64 feet higher in 2019

Current state of shipping:

  • ⁃ Used to cost 1500. to ship container – now can go up to 30,000.

  • ⁃ We are overloaded with ‘just in case inventory

  • ⁃ Everyone shipping early in case international factories shut down again

  • ⁃ Port is handling 40% more than last year

Future plans/goin green?
@portNYNJ help ships move to clean energy by replacing motors + facilitating cargo handling transition to electric
(note: Salt water and electric don’t mix. Super storm Sandy brought 11 foot swells of salt water that completely shut down the port.


All 76 motors had to be cleaned, baked and lubrictaed)
@UPS just created 1 million square-foot space in Bayonne NJ. The plan is to float cargo across the channel and distribute to alternate delivery methods other
than trucks for local area

Who’s in charge?
US Army Corps of engineers is in charge of ports and planning.
– Raidalogical detection
– Covid info has to arrive 24 hrs in advance of ship How to test for drugs?
– Random searches
– Having security relationships with international nations
More great info if you want! Pop questions down below.

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