Low-tech Lab – High tech ain’t the only way forward

High tech ain’t the only way forward…
Funded by a town government in France , Ville de Boulogne Billancourt that truly believes in the mission that low tech solutions can have a profound effect on both the developed and undeveloped world.


What is the #lowtech criteria?
1- Useful: access to food, water, energy or waste management
2-Something you can make with local materials and local knowledge
3- More economical and accessible than hi tech Burning question – What does the crew do with their poop ? Black soldier flie larvae can process up to 60,000 times their weight of organic waste into valuable compost . Compost feeds plants and ducks (Yes – they had ducks at sea. Apparently they make better pets and are nicer than chickens).


Urine is collected and filtered through clay balls transforming it into usable nitrogen liquid to water the plants.
Fun fact: The larvae processes the waste and the actual flies have no eyes and are only alive for about a week . They live to breed !
Naturally they are growing mushrooms, but they are also growing mycelium substrate that they used to build things (like the insulation for the solar oven) .


There are multiple simple water filtration methodologies that remove pathogens but not desalination because the salt molecules are too small to separate out. They also experimented with a cricket farm, eating them for protein. This is a widely accepted edible in most other countries.
Wait til you check out the homemade computer and speakers!
This is the fifth year of the project.
The team will go back and reassess and refine all the lessons they’ve learned and hopefully get back out on the water !
Where would you set sail to learn more low tech innovations and why?

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