What the key to a successful sustainable fashion event?

One word: Food.

Most sustainable fashion events overlook the importance of eating well, not healthy but well. Meaning, is the food following the triple bottom line practices we preach so often? Here are our tips and tricks to making sure your event doesn’t just feed our mind, bodies, and souls but also follows our ethics, values, and principles.

  1. Don’t over buy: Remember if you have a free event 1/3 of those who signed up will show up. If you do over buy remember Donate NYC Food Portal which will rescue left over food.
  2. Don’t go over budget: As much as we’d love to support local caterers, and sometimes we do, we find the best snacks are from the local fruit stand, found on Too Good To Go, and/or pot luck style.
  3. Don’t make people feel conscious: You’ll hear throughout an NYC FTC events, “All snacks must go.” Give breaks and permission for guests to dig in and nourish their body while you nourish their minds.
  4. Don’t forget to be inclusive: Gone at the days where your vegan friend is complaining about the lack of options. You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies.
  5. Do reach out to partners: We’ve been lucky to partner with large and small businesses who’ve donated or given discounts.


Seeing is believing: Attend an event – SHOW UP!

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