What Sustainable Fashion Podcasts do we listen to?

  1. Conscious Chatter: Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, this podcast explores various aspects of the fashion industry, from sustainability and ethics to consumer behavior and design innovation. It features interviews with industry experts, activists, and designers.
  2. Wardrobe Crisis: Hosted by Clare Press, Wardrobe Crisis delves into the social and environmental issues surrounding the fashion industry. It features conversations with thought leaders, activists, and change-makers working toward a more sustainable fashion future.
  3. Spirit of 608: While not exclusively about sustainable fashion, this podcast covers ethical entrepreneurship in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Host Lorraine Sanders interviews female founders and innovators who prioritize sustainability.
  4. Pre-Loved Podcast: Hosted by Emily Stochl, this podcast explores secondhand fashion, vintage clothing, and sustainable consumption. It includes interviews with individuals who are passionate about thrifting, vintage style, and reducing fashion waste.
  5. NYC FTC POD: Hosted by Prof. Andrea Reyes and Scott Fischer, the NYC Fair Trade Coalition Podcast covers international trade issues, sustainable marketing, lifestyle choices, and a host of other topics related to fashion. Tracing Prof. Reyes Fair Trade 101 and Sustainable Fashion Myths presentations.

Learn more at www.nycftc.com/podcast.

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