What is Community Solar?


What is Community Solar?

What is ‘community solar’ or in this case ‘micro community solar’?

Let’s take a deep dive into urban solar life in NY. @brooklynsolarworks. We go from showroom to onsite installations. Co-Founder @TRLudwig explains all the styles and types plus details like pitch and kilowatts.

@BrooklynSolarWorks built out their niche because most solar panel companies do not want to work with flat roofs.

They created an elevated solar array design which incorporates the functionality of solar and allows for a cool chill spot underneath!

Older buildings are a better fit because they are built better.

The average solar array on a brownstone or rowhouse rooftop will generally cover the cost of powering that building.

You can select your array based on style or function.

Fun fact: The 9 foot clearance from the fire code is based on a 6 foot Fireman’s ability to swing an ax

It utilizes a process called ‘net metering’ where solar owners share their excess energy back into the grid and get credited for it on their bill.

Solar panels do not work best at peak hot and sunny times – The insides are computerized and work best at cooler temperatures

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