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What in the minority female owned business is goin on here??

What a delight to see so many thoughtful aspiring women takin’ their shot. There were some veterans for sure – but still overwhelmingly female #impactdriven and #newlyformed

Who popped up?

@bubboboutique – novel upcycled masks, make-up remover rounds, beeswax container covers

@beautifulamoreskincare – yoooge array of vegan skincare, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, scrubs, aromatherapy and more!!

@jadechicustomz – Japanese inspired original graphic hats, tees and accessories

@blutresswellness – essential oil wellness body butters, theraputic room sprays and more…

@sinclairs.art.garage – founder-artist handmade coasters, trays, 3-d paintings

@hola.imback – upcycled jewelry from tires and recovered gold from electronics and a proprietary clean concrete storage and display containers

@perry.boyce – hand made soy and coconut wax blend candles and essential oil room sprays

@damarysgaleanojewelry – one of a kind pieces made from up-cycled watch parts

@onlyyouskincare – if ya can’t eat it – don’t put it on your skin


Fun fact:
The US cosmetics and personal care industry is largely self regulated. With over 12,000 chemicals in use – FDA has only banned nine chemicals in the last 95+ years.

But wait – there’s more…

Toxins that make it through the skin bypass the normal kidney and liver filter and may enter directly into the blood stream or lymphatic system.




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