Meet & Greet – EcoDrive

In this week’s Meet & Greet, we had the opportunity of speaking with the owner and co-owner of EcoDrive, Blake and Trevor. We got to learn about their origins, why they started this business, what they have to offer to customers and business partners, and how they help contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of those they work with.


With the help of their backgrounds in direct consumer brands and marketing, the duo started out with a truck site advertising company where they would place ads on the sides of semi trucks. The goal of planting trees was to offset emissions generated by these vehicles. A few years later, they would approach the challenge of finding and working with brands that deal with sustainability.

Blake and Trevor emphasize three things that make their brand distinct: they help brands calculate their carbon footprint with an EPA backed calculator, they help market the products they ship, and continue to plant trees on a plot of land owned in Madagascar, specifically mangrove trees. Why? These trees were chosen for their high carbon sequestration, carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and held in a solid or liquid form, and have a high rate of survivability.


They understand that this process of planting trees per order is not the solution to reaching zero emission, but it is a step in the right direction and strives to work with current businesses and encourage future ones to take that step forward as well. EcoDrive prides themselves on transparency, helping potential and current business partners go through the process of working with them as short and simple as possible.



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