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Spend 3 hours at the SFCC and straight swap.

Book a Tour

Book a tour of The Sustainable Fashion Community Center. This two hour long experience includes a 1 hr presentation on issues facing the fashion industry, stories of fair trade advocates, and information on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Participants will then shop the swap, with the opportunity to pick up 10 new to them pieces. Gather your group and come along for a fun and educational experience. Don’t miss out, book now!

We are excited to offer you an informative and engaging experience that includes a presentation on Sustainable Fashion Myths and access to our clothing swap.

Please note that tours are only available Tuesday-Friday from 10am- 12pm. The presentation fee is $100 and the clothing swap fee is $10 per person.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the impact of fashion on the environment and how to make more conscious choices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Corporate Engagement

As a volunteer, you'll receive a number of benefits in return:

Education for employees

Listed as a sponsor

Community engagement

Recycling services

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About Chashama:
Chashama supports artists by partnering with property owners to transform dormant real estate into space to create, present, and connect, with the mission to increase equity and bolster access to the arts. For over two decades Chashama has played a central role in sustaining New York’s vibrant artistic community by giving space to 20,000 artists, hosting 4,000 public art events, providing 1,500 free art classes in under-resourced communities, and reaching an audience of nearly a million. Chashama was founded in 1995 by Artistic Director Anita Durst to remedy what she observed to be the greatest threat artists faced: the lack of affordable space. Since its inception Chashama has worked collaboratively with artists, property owners, and the New York community to activate space and support under-resourced communities, establishing itself as a well-regarded cultural force on a mission to increase access to the arts for all.

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