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Meet the Speakers


12pm – Opening Remarks: Andrea Reyes, Chairwoman NYC Fair Trade Coalition
12:15pm – 1st session: Tara Maurice, LIM College – Design for Circularity
1pm – 2nd session: Tamara Schoon, InHolland UAS – Design for Reuse & Disassembly
1:45pm – 3rd Session: Andrea Kennedy, Material Exchange – Design for Longevity

2:30pm – 4th Session: Jordana Guimarães, Fashinnovation – Design for Energy Efficiency 

3:15pm – 5th Session: Naika Colas, Ovation In-Store – Design for Biomimicry

4pm – Thank you and Goodbye!

Email Info@nycfairtradecoalition.org for corporate rates to the forum & Gala.

Thank you to our AMAZING Sponsors and Supporters!!