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Stella Lucchi was founded in 2012 by jewelry designer Luz Barbosa. The line began as a simple outlet for emotional expression at a difficult time in her life, which grew into expanded creations meant to affirm the inner warrior and goddess in every woman. Each piece is a reflection of another place and time, a direct homage to the women of strength who have come before us all today.

Stella Lucchi is mainly comprised of old, unused, and broken jewelry that is rescued, repurposed, and reimagined into existence. Everything is handmade. Most are one-of-a-kind pieces.

In this therapeutic process of upcycling jewelry Luz was able to self-reflect and practice gratitude for existing possessions. Like a time capsule, each piece of our old jewelry tells a story and is a glimpse into one's life.

Stella Lucchi believes that we can uncover a renewed beauty in our existing jewels by upcycling them. Our upcycling actions heightens our compassion for the environment and reinforces mindful living.

Stella Lucchi, Inc.


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