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Founded by multi award winning designer JoAnna Colon, Rebarkable Wags creates the finest pieces of apparel and accessories in the rapidly growing luxury pet wear market.
JoAnna’s designs are inspired by her love for sustainability and repurposing. This passion led her for years to found and operate a non-profit corporation providing environmental education to young students, Pura Vida Learning Center After School Program in Costa Rica where she lived for years and maintains a business.
Rebarkable Wags designs, whether for a best of show presentation, such as presented in the New York Pet Fashion Show or the most stylish everyday wear are made almost entirely of repurposed and/or recycled fabrications. Exclusive, high-end limited-edition pieces are designed and embellished with elaborate details. Everyday wear is manufactured by small family businesses here in the United States and abroad in Costa Rica.
Make your pets the talk of the town. Make them REBARKABLE!

ReBarkable Wags


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