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New York

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Nutu is a responsible beauty and nutrition brand based in NYC. Our mission is to share the bounty of moringa, the world’s most nutritionally complete and environmentally sustainable plant protein with people around the world. Moringa is prized around the wolrd for its detoxifying, energy-enhancing, immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutu is rooted in the concept of interdependence: of peoples, ecologies, and economies. We strive to bring the finest moringa to the international market while nourishing the earth by applying the regenerative principles of sustainable agroforestry. We source our moringa from women-led cooperatives in West Africa, and always ensure it is grown with love and in accordance with permaculture principles.
Founded on a vision of business as a virtuous cycle: a means of providing not just for the few but for us all. This is Nutu: Health from the ground up



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