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Brooklyn, NY

About the Brand:

We are a nature inspired brand. Being guided by plants in all areas of life, we believe that our bodies take in deep,
not only what we put inside, but also what we put onto the skin. Our planet, with her rivers, fields, oceans, forests and every being, matters and thus we focus on organics as well as zerowaste, upcycled creations.
Our two collections feature 100% organic cotton sourced from ethical, small local grower and manufacturer here in the u.s. Our limited upcycled designs are made with cotton and other natural fibers using rescued fabrics sourced mainly from NYC area's unwanted fabric stash, saving it from being burned or discarded in the landfill.
All our plant dyed garments, both organics and upcycles, are hand dyed with plants and hand made in our studio in Brooklyn, New York.

i wander through


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