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EveSkywalker is an eco-ethical, consciously sustainable, slow-fashion/Artist label. Creative Director/Artist Eve Styles weaves the language of flowers and the meditative beauty of foraging in the wild into her hand made and recycled garments. The Designer's deep love for intertwining natural pigments and dyes of real plants and flowers and embedding them into the very fabrics of her hand made garments are an essential life breath for connecting creatively with nature.
Each individual botanically printed or plant-based/dyed item is either one-of-a-kind, cut and made to order or resurrected from recycled or gently loved garments..
Ethically hand made and or printed with love in the USA.
Sewing and working with floral materials as my medium since 1996.
"The ancient Mayans believed that the 'Skywalker' is one who opens the portal from Heaven to Earth."



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