Carla Farina

My professional background started for a contemporary sweater company in 2008. The company grew to include a made in NY-with LA fabrics-line of apparel and was one of my most valued experiences. We weren't hiding behind a development company or other 3rd party, we were sourcing and developing 100% hands on. I always loved design, but learned I loved being in the factories with the hum of the sewing machines and the hiss of the steamers. Most of all the awesome folks who made it all happen! The team at the NY factories always took lunch together and it never occurred to me that this was a luxury they had because of the time and place which they live. This is something I learned after a few years of working in the private label world for fast fashion companies. I always wanted to start brand, but struggled with why the world needs it. Once I learned about the conditions in which people work and the damage to our environment to make clothes, I found my why.


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