Pier 26 Tide Deck

Hudson River Tour:
Pier 26 Tide Deck

Let’s talk about NY’s ecosystem.
Didja know that the walk from the street to the end of any pier in NY takes you through 5 ecosystems?

It begins at the woodland forest then coastal grassland, maritime scrub, rocky tidal zone and finally the hudson river.

Each zone’s greenery becoming more salt tolerant the closer one gets to the brackish water that surrounds NYC. #Pier26 illustrates these zones in topography with designated signage.

The health of the river is constantly monitored through the tide pools which is the water left on the rock pools after high tide. They test for toxins, aquatic life, micro plastics etc.

Oysters are a giant part of the equation because the harbor was FULL of them. They were cheap and plentiful. The streets were littered with shells (hence #pearlstreet) but their colonies destroyed through pollution and overconsumption. Sound familiar?

Fun fact: Each oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day!
A thriving oyster bed has layers as they sit on the bottom and attach to each other (they don’t swim).

Hence the @billionoyster project which is the actual magic number of living oysters needed in the harbor to maintain clean water.

And we learned no, oysters do not make pearls!











Zip over to #pier40 to see tanks of whats currently been pulled and tested before returning to the habitat. You may see eels, seahorses and all kinds of critters!

Pier 26Tours Wed 56p
Pier 40 (Wet lab) –
Tues Thur 36, Sun 113

Thanks to our tour guide @victoria.nieto21 for fielding all of our questions!

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