If you been out and about
Then without a doubt
You’ve seen @NateandHila
Eco raps be killah
Together with @greenfeen
The Bronx’s compost queen

Spittin custom compost rhymes
Sign of the times
About browns and greens
And if you compost
You know what I mean
Gotta separate the trash
So NY can save some cash
Food waste into soil
Gardens gettin the royal
mix they call black gold
Keep your scraps cold
Then drop em at a site
Where they mix it right
And share with the community
Growin foods that build immunity
Keepin you healthy and strong
Helpin the earth all along

This is the way
To connect and sway
People to get on board
Because it hits a chord
That you can be the change
With such a wide range
Of things you can do
To help the planet
And feel good about you



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