Outdoor open space social impact shopping with the backdrop of the city. So fresh!

Seems just about every business has a social mission woot! How bout location location location.

@minipng ethically sourced reworked pieces embellished with highly stylized original artwork

@nutumoringa (from the french ‘all of us’ highest quality superfood moringa powder, face oil, honey and chocolate. Sourced from womenled cooperatives in West Africa utilizing permaculture and sustainable agroforestry.

Fun fact: The highest quality moringa powder has a very deep moss green color and a velvety texture.

@one.of.one.ny sustainably sourced, reworkedvintage utilizing upcycled scraps often referencing luxurybrands

@master_terra bold original artwork available on apparel, prints and paintings.

@hanhuyen hand made rattan earrings, candles and flower infused lollies! What doesn’t she do???

@boipkg Nonbinary fashioncurrently featuringkink, caftans and kool masks

@breukelen_rub small batch spice blends made in Brooklyn

@Velardewear every vibrantly drawn garment is an original. Artwork inspired by Mexican, Yaqui, and Spanish heritage.



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