Subject Matter is a collection of vintage and preloved apparel and accessories curated in Brooklyn, New York. We aim to provide quality secondhand pieces at accessible prices, with an emphasis on how our objects can educate, influence, and represent us.

Shop our collection online or at events throughout New York City.

Isabel Varela is a Life Coach, sustainable artist, and motivational speaker on a mission to empower you to build a better relationship with yourself and the clothing you wear for a better future. As a life coach, she gives women the tools to stop overspending by growing more self-love and living sustainably. As a sustainable artist and motivational speaker, her mission and teachings are shared through her multidisciplinary mixed-media sculptures, powerful storytelling, and award-winning documentary, Fashion Addict, now available on her youtube.
Not only has she overcome her fashion addiction with over $100k of debt in clothing, but she has turned her life completely around by:
1. Becoming Debt-Free to a Successful Entrepreneur
2. Awarded Changemaker of the Year
3. Twenty-seven years in the Fashion Industry, consulting major brands to implement CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in their companies, including LVMH, SAKS, and Balmain
4. Continued collaborations with Donate NYC, New York City Fair Trade, Remake, and Climate Reality Leader.

Martina Dietrich Couture is a sustainable direct-to customer collection of hand crafted one-of a kind creations partitioned in themes (not in seasons) for individuals to express their natural elegance. MDC combines style, quality and fit to the highest level.

We incorporate MDC RE•Creations and MDC Zero•Waste accessoires to amplify our philosophy of “MORE with LESS” and redefine luxury to observe true sustainability and give a fresh perspective on what luxury fashion (should be) in today’s world.

hi goose studio is a mindful and lovingly curated vintage and second-hand store.
We are committed to sustainability without sacrificing style.

Let us do the digging – we’ll find gems you love in the sea of second-hand fashion. Plus, we love getting to know our customers on a more personal level – we’ll put our decades of styling experience to work and help you find the right items so you can look your best.

We are committed to making your purchases matter. We firmly believe that customers can vote with their dollars to help support a circular economy and make the world a better place.

eddys brand is a more sustainable option for your baby and toddler clothes. Our yarn comes from once-loved cotton sweaters, our buttons are 3D printed from recycled plastic, creating no new waste. We launched in 2019 with the idea of reuse, that most necessary things already exist and we have to be creative on how to reuse materials to meet our current needs.

Mayamam Weavers create a wide range of handwoven home goods and accessories for men, women and children, inspired by the rich colors and patterns and traditional weaving techniques of Mayan culture. We began in 2008 as a cooperative of women in Cajolá, a Mayan town in the western highlands of Guatemala. To overcome poverty, the women came together to explore ways to provide jobs within their community, rather than migrate to the U.S. and separate their families. Since then, then cooperative has grown to 20 weavers and seamstresses, all earning fair trade wages while learning the skills to run a business.

FairTrade Caravans’ fundraisers help raise money for schools, clubs, and nonprofits while at the same time supporting artisans and farmers worldwide. Join us in making a world of difference through fundraising!

With a background in art and a career as a celebrity makeup artist in film and television, Arielle has created a line of goods that are both graphic and fun. Blending her love of the outdoors and design.

Four Rabbit was created for those who appreciate graphic imagery, color, sustainability, lightweight traveling and who want more of it in their lives.

You can see Arielle’s artwork at

Maybelle is a collection of bespoke wedding gowns sustainably made from upcycled vintage pieces.
We can also turn a cherished antique gown or veil into a modern masterpiece elegantly restyled for your day.

Stella Lucchi resurrects discarded pieces of jewelry & clothing that would normally end up in landfills and brings them back to life by upcycling them to offer fashion-forward and socially conscious clients beautiful and mostly one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of jewelry, accessories & clothing.