Rachel Ceruti

Rachel is the Founder of Reclypt, an online upcycled fashion marketplace that is connecting the circular style community in NYC. She loves yoga, darning socks,…

Cecilia Zeichner

I’m an FIT graduate and an embroidery artist. I love the idea of upcycling and repurposing as the ultimate sustainable tools.

Mariah Jones

Transforming lives, from the inside out. Mariah Jones edits closets and homes through practical personal Styling & Organizing. As a consultant she brings sustainable practices…

Carla Farina

I am a fair trade advocate and owner of eddys brand, a sustainable children’s wear company focused on reuse and take back. eddys makes tiny…

Meryl Ranzer

Meryl Ranzer is an artist, fashion designer, media strategist, activist, and educator. Currently she is the Comms and Media Coordinator at Respond Crisis Translation, an…

Carolina Zuniga-Aisa

Professional womenswear designer with over 15 years of experience with skills in illustration, flat sketching (hand and Illustrator), specs, pattern making, basic draping, market research…

Dustin Baca

I’m a senior at the School of Fashion at Kent State University where I’m majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Sarah Steen

I am a vintage curator and fair trade and sustainability advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. I love imagining the journey our preloved pieces have…


Interdisciplinary artist based in nyc. Advocate of Superorganismic Living🐜🦟Kimono enthusiast 👘Slowfashion global ambassador💚♻️www.aricoco.com

Halima Garrett

Hi I’m a vintage curator and sustainable fashion designer!